Lovely juicy and tender beef patties on a charcoal bun!

Tried two different burgers - classic double cheeseburger ($8.40) and truffle mushroom double burger ($10.50), which came with fries as a side and upgradeable with additional fee to other variants of fries (e.g. cheese). Very affordable and value for money.

Really liked the strong truffle and earthy taste of the sautéed mushrooms and cream sauce, I felt it complemented the burger really well. Fries were also crispy and seasoned well. Albeit the charcoal bun didn’t exactly have a charcoal taste to it, there were soft and soaked up the natural juices of the beef patties. I would have also preferred the beef patties to be more medium rare than medium well, but they were still juicy nevertheless.

Staff were also warm and friendly, letting us know the waiting times and giving recommendations. Also liked the design and clarity of the menu. Will revisit again if in the area!