Turkey strips with many other ingredients that one can easily look up from their menu so I shall not go too much into the details.

Allow me to hype on the bagel instead! Cousy picked the Jalapeño cheese bagel to go with her turr-key bagel. It’s SO EXTREMELY crispy and delicious - think they kinda baked the bagel before they assembled it. The balsamic vinegar that spilled over to the bagel added another dimension to the Jalapeño cheese bagel 😋 The turkey was a tad dry - thank goodness for the sauces and all. Also, love how the bagel came ‘infused’ with an egg at the bottom. Also, for non onion lovers (like me), rmb to ask for no onions! We forgot and spend some time getting those raw onions out. Wouldn’t mind caramelised ones tho!!