Unlike most other steakhouses, their specialty (and only cut of beef served), the Feather Blade Steak ($21++) gives them a lot to shout about.

One bite of the steak was all it took to convince me how a relatively tougher and “chewier” cut of beef could be made super tasty. Their “sous-vide” method for cooking steaks maintained a consistent texture throughout, accentuating the flavours of the steak while giving it a rich, succulent taste.

There are also their personally-curated sides ($7) to go along with their steaks, and I’d highly recommend their Mushroom Medley and their Potatoes “Fried in Beef Fat” as they were absolutely tantalising complements to my steak.

The Blood Orange Old Fashioned bourbon-infused cocktail($13++) was a refreshing pairing as well, considering the scorching hot weather outside.

Overall, The Feather Blade is a “should-try” for foodies and steak-lovers alike, mainly for an interesting dining experience that just might switch your preference towards more alternative and tasty cuts of beef.