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Honestly I didn't know what to choose from their sumptous menu, finally decided to go for their Seabass Fish & Crisps, turns out I think the right choice was made! Hot, soft and tender fish meat that goes well with the potato crisps! The fish batter was coated just right, not too thick like Long John's, you can still see the fish skin through that fried batter, and it was still crispy when the knife sliced though it! I added a drink and made the whole bill at around $15, for any first try I don't mind spending a lil more though, since I'm here, might as well right!
Self squeezed sauces on their condiments area, tried their curry mayo, chili sauce and XO mayo, for myself the curry mayo was really the bomb, somewhat similar taste to mcd's curry sauce, except that you can taste more of the curry spice and the sauce was more viscous than the former. I wonder why the placed wasn't crowded even though it was during lunch time, worth revisiting again! Gonna go for their salmon next time!
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