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Gifted by both Cecil @shootandspoon and Cassie @cassakating, they are out to stuff me with food because they not only send one but two donburi from Fat Cow. Each of these dons is accompanied with a chawanmushi and miso soup as well. First up is their signature, The Fat Cow Donburi which comes with a base of seasoned rice of truffle shoyu topped with charcoal-grilled wagyu, an onset egg, alfalfa and drizzled with truffle oil. If you love beef on rice, this is definitely right up your alley as the fatty and tender-to-the-bite wagyu slices with the creaminess mixed in from the onset egg is a perfect match with the fat rice. Best of all, you will not feel overly truffled, as they don’t just spam truffle, they make sure its just the right proportion so that you will not feel surfeited. Next up is the Fat Foa-Gura Don, which is constructed over a bed of steamed Japanese short-grain rice and topped with glazed foie gras and wagyu. I am guessing there has to be a reason why the restaurant is called Fat Cow because as you might know fat = flavour, and the foie gras-wagyu combination will definitely hit your palate with all the flavourful notes like music to your ears. Thank you both once again for this meal treat!
✨Fat Cow
📍1 Orchard Boulevard, Camden Medical Centre, Unit 01-01/02, Singapore 248649