Not halal certified, but it's no pork no lard & the meats are from halal suppliers | I got the Cheesy Affair ($9.90), upgraded from fries to Aglio Olio Pasta ($2.00) and had a side dish of Mozzarella Cheese Sticks ($4.80). The wait was less than ten minutes and the food was hot. I don't know why I expected the pasta to be bland but holy hell it wasn't?? It was so good I'm so bad with describing tastes but it was so flavorful and absolutely delicious. I didn't even have to add pepper or salt or whatever!! And the cheesy fish omg when they said it was a cheesy affair, they MEANT it. It had the cheese sauce on top and look at the picture, so generous right??? And they stuffed the fish with cheese too. It tasted heavenly. The cheese sticks were tasty as well but three sticks for $4.80 isn't worth it in my opinion :/ They have free fruit-infused iced water which you can just take so that's nice!! Overall I LOVED this place and the prices are so good?? The food is lovely?? Definitely going back here!

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