Since I didn't and won't get to travel overseas this year, I shall eat my fill of the food around the world. 🤗 One of the best things about Singapore is that we can pretty much find almost all the cuisines we can think of. This time, let's have some Thai! 😉

Sanook Kitchen has opened a new outlet at Heartland Mall @ Kovan. Besides having wallet-friendly dishes, I like that Sanook Kitchen serves healthier rendition of Thai food. Food is less oily and dessert is not overly sweet, yet the distinct Thai flavours still hit the right spot and satisfy my taste buds. 👍🏻

Start with the hot and sour Tom Yum Prawn Soup ($5.90), 🤤 prep the tummy with some Deep-fried Stuffed Chicken Wings ($4.90), dig into the fragrant Basil Beef Rice ($5.90), not forgetting the quintessential Pad Thai Noodles ($5.90), and end off with the delightful Mango Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk ($6). 😚

P.S.: You can ask for sugar to add to your Pad Thai Noodles if you want.

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