Went to BSK during Valentines Day and had the BSK waffle and the much anticipated Beef Wellington. We had thoroughly enjoyed the waffle as the maple syrup perfectly complimented the waffle itself. The waffle was savory and the maple syrup was not the fake sugary maple syrup other restaurants may use. The bacon was nicely caramelised and we would have given it a 5/5 just for the waffles. Overall the dish had a lot of thought put into crafting and cooking it.

Unfortunately, when we were served the famous Beef Wellington, we realized that more than half of it was completely grey(over cooked) but we had ordered it medium rare. Worse was when we realized the first slice you see is the best slice out of the entire dish and the chef had purposely plated it this way to hide the fact that he failed spectacularly. The meat was overly tough and chewy and was largely tasteless. Interestingly enough, we also saw the couple next to us return their dish because their medium rare Beef Wellington was completely red(too rare). I would give this a -2/5 as we got annoyed paying for a dish that actually made us lose appetite.

Ironically this happened in a restaurant under Gordon Ramsay who is known for his strict standards and quality in the kitchen. This leads me to believe that their standards at least for their Beef Wellington is NOT consistent and my final verdict is to order the Beef Wellington at YOUR OWN discretion. You may probably find better Beef Wellingtons elsewhere at a cheaper price if you do your research properly!