Heart Of Darkness is of course an excellent brewery, but don't overlook their underrated cocktail programme, which sees highly unique creations mixed seamlessly with their beers.

Bordering on saccharine sweet, the base of this cocktail is made from a marriage of strawberries and cherries cooked sous vide with Oregon Pinot Noir, resulting in potent yet smooth elixir buoyed by a deep, fruity flavour. Thankfully, said sweetness is reigned in by the effervescence of cola, and tempered by the subtle chocolatey-ness of a dash of their superb Director’s Cacao Nib Porter.
Pro-tip: Alongside a selection of beers and one main dish, this was one of two cocktails available on Heart Of Darkness’s $88++ 2-hour brunch free flow. Magnificent value if you ask me.

Taste: 3.5/5