Another Thai food posting, cause Thai food is awesome and why not! Today we have Thai green curry fried rice. 🍚

Mushy green curry fried was unique, because the texture is not like the usual fried rice, which is more towards the wetter side. The green curry flavour was strong, and when mix together with rice, it makes a mushy rice with green curry, just like dipping your rice into your curry. It includes Chilli, green curry, rice and chicken slices. 😍

Located at Sunshine plaza, it will cost you around ($6) per plate. Have a good day everyone! The weekends are almost here, we can smell it already! 🤗

What are you going to have for dinner? Hashtag #thegrowingbelly to share your nomnomnom eateateat with us!! Comment on your fav Thai dish, is it pad Thai, basil rice?👯‍♂️

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