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Located at 10 Circular Road, Singapore 049366. [Weekday lunch bowls, 11.30am-2.30pm] Lu Rou Fan, Regular bowl $10. Not your typical Taiwan Lu Rou Fan, it’s SG style of Braised pork belly with veg and rice. We also top up $0.50 for Shiny Rice - rice drizzled in lard and garlic oil. Very impressed with their fast serving time as our food was served shortly after we placed and paid our order! That huge piece of braised pork belly was well braised, tender and it’s so tasty! Those Kai Lan texture was perfect, not too hard or raw! We totally enjoyed breaking those sous-vide egg and stirred it with the entire bowl of shiny rice, it’s so mouth-watering! We can’t wait to try other bowls! @thesaltedplumsg #hungryunicornsg #thesaltedplumsg #thesaltedplum #luroufan #braisedporkbelly