"My love for ice cream emerged at an early age- and has never left."- Ginger Rogers.. That's exactly how I felt with food and especially with ice cream which is the food we associated with fond memories.. This parlor which is located at the same stretch as the Farm to plate and Uovo is quite a welcoming sight as it's a great place to end your day or meal with a bowl of satisfying scoop of ice cream.. This place does reflects its name and they offer as the name suggests ice cream desserts and coffee.. Do note that they only have ice cream flavours made by the land of the lord of the rings (New Zealand).. Its a premium ice cream brand that is also available on the shelfs of the supermarkets.. The moment we walked into this parlor of delicious things, we notice that it has a laid back vibe to it as everything is clean, simple and spacious.. They have indoor and outdoor seating as well.. The main attention would be the long stretch of every imaginative ice cream flavour laid out for your eyes to feast on! After much decision and trying out; yes they do allow you to taste test it out before deciding on one! Finally, I chose to be with blood Orange with raspberry sorbet (RM8) to end my night of feasting! Well it's really an interesting pairing as the blood Orange brought out the acidity and strong citrusy notes alongside with a hint of sweetness from the raspberries that is the only hard texture you get when you eat the Sorbet! It's really a great palate cleanser also just abit steep on its price.. It's still worth the scoop to have