Where in the city centre whereby you can experience dining alone and also dining together with another person? Well that answer is Aori Ramen! It’s actually a concept which is quite similar in concept to the famous ramen place in Japan; Ichiran! This place is opened quite long ago but when it was newly opened the reception was massive with endless queues that could stretch on for days! Finally, I had the chance to try out and the service was quite prompt but it lacks the Japanese warm yet noisy welcome you would usually get! Then the seating was just packed and they didn’t really give the feeling of having it alone.. The menu was really straightforward but rather steep for its price.. I had the Don Kotz Ramen with 5 toppings (RM35) that has a rather small portion and the chashu pork slice wasn’t really generous.. The noodles was rather mediocre and the broth was quite clear and simple to me; it wasn’t very flavourful or in depth with enormous porky flavour..