I would name this sweetie in Wild Honey's All Day Breakfast menu as Tropical instead, if I could. Its pretty presentation got me all excited such that it took me a while to lay my fork on it as I didn't want to spoil the beauty 😍 Nicely cut into 4 portions that were bound with fresh passionfruit creme patisserie, the waffle was of such soft and moist texture, and sinks into teeth with each bite. Disappointingly, it didn't have much coconut aroma and taste as it was supposed to. But I guess the toasted coconut flakes made up with its roasted nutty flavour. The freshly sliced mango and baby bananas were exceptionally sweet, so you could tell how ripe they were. And there we have, some floral elements, but no they aren't the edible petals. Drizzle some aromatic passionfruit syrup with slight tart flavour for a wonderful finish!
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