Duck confit is a timeless French classic that you can’t usually go wrong with if you dine at a French bistro. Confit is essentially curing the meat then cooked it in its own fat. @bistroduvin does a very classic version of duck confit ($38++) that’s served with garlic sautéed potatoes and side salad. It’s been continuously offered on their menu since the opening back in the 2000s.

Upon ordering, the servers will disclaim that the dish will be saltier than other duck confits that you had elsewhere. Indeed it is much saltier because it’s marinated overnight with salt, pepper and a blend of herbs and spices.

Despite its saltiness, you can feel the duck meat just shouts juiciness and tenderness. One can’t deny how crisp the skin is having been roasted in its own fat.

Onto the sautéed potatoes, it’s lightly seasoned with garlic. With the skin still on the baby potatoes, your carbs are filled with nutrients and flavour. Mustard is available upon request.

For its price point, you may wonder if this is value for money. I gotta admit that you have to truly appreciate French food to enjoy Bistro du Vin’s rendition of the duck confit. It’s offered as an option on their weekday set lunch menu which is slightly more value for money.

When dining here, you may feel that you’ve been teleported to a bistro in France and taken away from the crowded streets of Orchard Road.