A rather good traditional Korean bbq restaurant that uses 100% charcoal. I went for the buffet which came with a free flow of banchan, lettuce and egg. The buffet options are limited to meat dishes only with choices such as marinated beef, beef brisket (limited to 150g/pax), marinated chicken in soy sauce, marinated chicken in chilli sauce and marinated/non-marinated pork belly and pork collar. They are also quite strict with the 90 mins buffet policy to make space for other patrons.

The meat came in thick-cut slices and was well marinated. My dining companions incl myself all preferred the marinated range of meat. It grills well over charcoal with a nice smoky flavour. They also change the grill plate frequently (without asking) to ensure we get clean and non-charred plates to enjoy bbq our meat. I feel the buffet price is worth the quality of meat but if you are looking for premium quality then maybe you can consider going ala-carte.

We also ordered a kimchi pancake separately to share and I would totally recommend this to anyone who is considering getting one πŸ‘

90 Mins Buffet 》$29.90 / Adult