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"Wagyu for the masses." ~ That should be the tagline for this restaurant. When it comes to steaks, I firmly believe that you CANNOT make mediocre meat taste good, ever. Because of this, I often shun the ones offered at "affordable chain restaurants" like Swensen's and Aston's.

This franchise (opened by Aston's, ironically), however, piqued my interest with its claims of offering grade A3 Wagyu cuts at prices practically unheard of. The menu features an absolute plethora of steaks, each from a different part of the cow. Most cuts are available in two different portions (150g & 220g). Do note that medium Rare and medium are the only options to have your meat done.

Cutting into it, I could immediately tell this was NOT your average family diner steak. Juices (yes, juice, not blood) flooded the plate, and every morsel melts in the mouth. Each piece was ridiculously marbled, bathing my mouth in what I imagine Nirvana to taste like. I must warn, however, it does get pretty oily, so maybe opt for something more healthy as your side dish. The french fries and bacon mac & cheese were passable, but with a main course like that, all is forgiven. Oh, and there's complimentary ice cream for all diners.

While the interior and ambience of the restaurant may pale in comparison to more posh steakhouses, there is definitely nothing boring about the meat served here (not to mention at a fraction of the price). Also to take note: the availability of the steak cuts are subject to change everyday, so do clarify with the staff before dining.

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