I was eager to try this and see how it would fare compared to the one served at Lady M at Orchard Central. By comparison of prices, Doi Chaang's titular cake is fairly cheaper at $6.80 compared to Lady M of $9, while The one at Doi Chaang is slightly smaller in serving. Painted in a pretty green hue and dusted with Matcha powder all over, the cake was a pretty picture.

A mille crepe cake is basically constructed by combining over 20 layers of crepes , each layer full of matcha flavour and interspersed with creamy Azuki cream in between each layer for a hearty bite. The Matcha flavour was distinct and strong enough that it is slightly bitter and absolutely fragrant. The Azuki was rich and creamy, coupled with the crepe layer which was chewy yet melt in the mouth simultaneously, if that is even possible.