We wanted to order 4 Set Bs (classic chicken noodle set @$16.80 each) with burpple beyond which meant that we should be paying a total of $33.60. However, they charged us $39.60 ($19.80 x 2) which was actually set A’s price. Upon clarification, the staff said that it’s because the burpple voucher is worth $19.80 so regardless of what we ordered we will be charged $19.80. This got us really confused so we showed the staff the menu on burpple’s website as nowhere in the menu stated that rule but he insisted that he needs to charge us $19.80 because we are using burpple beyond. Only if we are ordering set B normally then we will be charged $16.80 each.

Because they are charging us $19.80 anyway, I changed my main dish to the red tomyum seafood soup as I had initially wanted to order it but decided not to as my friends all wanted the cheaper option. The red tomyum soup was reaaaally good — the spice was very authentic, it’s sticky noodles is chewy and cooked al dente, and they were extremely generous with their portions of fish, prawn, calamari and scallops! As their set comes with a drink too, I chose Iced Thai Milk Tea, which was a refreshing match to the red tomyum soup :)

However, after we were done with our main dishes and excitedly waiting for our dessert (which was as included in EACH set), we were disappointed again. The staff told us that we’ll only be getting ONE dessert for 2 sets while the menu says that it’s supposed one dessert for 1 set. And they gave the same reason — because we used burpple beyond. As we were really quite done with the entire conversation, we just let it go and said it’s fine we will just have 2 desserts (even though we ordered 4 sets). But after that, they served 3 desserts which made us really confused, but we didn’t bother clarifying as at that point of time we just wanted to finish our food and leave.

Tl;dr food is really authentic with generous portions. However, do clarify beforehand what the burpple beyond menu includes and make sure all the staff are on the same page because different staff were telling us different stuff and we definitely felt cheated throughout the whole dining experience.