My most awe-inspiring food discovery last year happened on the very last day of 2021. Yep, of course the most memorable meal of 2021 happens in the last few hours of the year. @milkfishsg ain’t particularly new, but it’s definitely impressive.⠀

Since it was New Year’s Eve, it was only right that I ball out and get the Premium Soup Set($32.80++) to close out the year. I subbed the usual milky fish soup for a tomato broth which turned out to be an outstanding move. The tomato broth hits every tastebud just right with its tangy sweet & sour flavour and its unbelievable umami, and every other sip of sapid soup elicited a thoroughly impressed ‘wow’ from me.⠀

The seafood and the lone square of minced pork were almost equally impressive too. All of the seafood was fantastically fresh, from the sweet solitary scallop to the fat fish chunks (red snapper, I believe), the sprightly single shrimp, and the charming clams. The abalone was a perfect match with the tangy soup, and even though the honest to god lobster was remarkably fresh, it was a touch overcooked & a little rubbery. Still, it wasn’t even close to being a deal breaker.⠀

I chose flour vermicelli (mian xian) as my carb of choice, and I recommend skipping it. There was too much flour, and it tasted chalky and generally pretty unpleasant. The accompanying Oriental Salad, on the other hand, was perfection. I wasn’t expecting to finish all of it, but I hoovered it all up without hesitation. I know there’s seaweed & bamboo shoots in there, but someone more experienced with Northern China cuisine is gonna have to tell me what else is in that irresistibly appetising salad.⠀

With seafood soup this good, Milkfish is gonna milk every last penny out of me. That, and the sterling service from the crew running the show.