Tea Mooncakes ($68) (gifted) include Yuzu Sencha Tea Box

Matcha (×2) (3.5/5)
I didn't expected that their paste for Matcha was quite average but still have mild taste for Matcha tbh.

Hojicha (×2) (2.5/5)
I couldn't able to try Hojicha much tbh 🥲 but its quite contain inside nut.

Yuzu Lime (×2) (4.5/5)
So I got impressed by their unique flavour instead of their usual flavour (Matcha / Hojicha) its quite strong ans refreshing yuzu aftertaste for my tastebub.

Sakura Lychee (×2) (4/5)
My sister told me that its quite good as Yuzu Lime compared their usual flavour but it's quite balanced and experimental with adding new flavour.

Yuzu Sencha Tea (4.5/5)
I just drank tea today so I write food reviews right now. Its tasted quite weird for first try? But it's quite mixed taste for sour and bitter tbh. I didn't pair tea with mooncakes 🥲🥲🥲