Wish I was a baller:
Sliced steak, french mustard bechamel, roasted onions, mushroom, provolone. The meat is not dry or chunky like you imagine sliced steak to be but more like pulled beef. I love the sauce - it taste like some unami mayo like sauce that goes so well with the beef, onions, mushroom and complements the dough perfectly.

Love this flavour combination. Will order this again if I’m here.

The crust is thin with a crispy like cracker edge. I wish the edges were chewier though, but my friend likes it crispy like this.

Crispy chicken sandwich:
Brussels sprout slaw, heirloom tomatoes, gouda cheese.
Bread is nicely grilled with spread. Slaw is creamy and not bitter. The fried chicken is not oozing with meat juice or whatever but it’s also not dry. I like the crispy breaded skin. A good alternative if you do not want fries or salad for sides.