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This Valentine's Day, nothing warmed my heart more than... a delicious pot of collagen goodness. HAHAHA kidding, my boyfriend and good friends did 💕

At $25 per pax, you get a bit of everything (a range of vegetables, minced chicken and noodles/porridge) in a delightful chicken collagen soup which dissolved from their beancurd/pudding-like form upon heating. You're then told to drink the soup in pure form in a sake cup before they assist in putting all the ingredients in for you. While waiting for the soup to boil, you can first sink your teeth into the chicken pieces which came with the collagen pudding; somehow, they had more bite to it and were less fatty/slimy than the ones we find in chicken rice stalls. Similarly, the vegetables were tastier and more fragrant too (maybe Japanese produce are just nicer in general). The noodles came last in order to soak up all the flavours of the ingredients, and mannn that was a good meal.

Really value-for-money and you get variety, quality and satiety all in one meal. Service here is pretty top-notch too!