📍Yun Nans, Jewel Changi Airport📍
💸 Steam pot chicken soup: $24.90
💸 Stir fried wild porcini mushrooms w dried chillies: $25.90
💸 Charcoal grilled seabass w lemongrass: $24.90
💸 Deep fried pork fillet w homemade spicy dip: $9.90
💸 Rice noodles w minced pork (spicy): $9.90
💸 Tossed rice noodles w shredded chicken: $12.90
💸 Beancurd pudding w brown sugar: $4.90
Had a feast at Yun Nans the other day and we absolutely love love love this restaurant😍!! Loved most of the dishes we ordered but if we have to pick our favourites, it would have to be the wild porcini mushrooms w dried chillies🍄 and grilled seabass w lemongrass🐟. The mushroom dish may look simple, but definitely a complex dish in terms of flavour. Mushrooms and garlic chips were sliced thinly and fried, which gives it a soft, chewy but crispy texture. The dried chillies also gave a good spice and fragrance to the dish🌶️. Similarly for the grilled seabass, the spices used also made the dish slightly spicy and super fragrant, crispy on the outside but the flesh remaining soft on the inside. Have to commend Yun Nans for their seasoning as we felt that the spice was at a very palatable level, slight spicy and numbing but not too overpowering!🤤

We feel that Yun Nans has managed to set itself apart from the other chinese restaurants in Singapore with its variety of dishes, thus definitely worth a try👏👏👏