Was pretty excited when I chanced upon Ah Hua Kelong at Bedok Marketplace having read about them a few times. With fish, live mussels, cockles and the sort in their large tanks, you can be sure that everything's fresh as it can be. 🐟

Recommended by their lady boss, we got one whole fish at only $19 and their live mussels which were all then char grilled. 🔥

As they claimed, everything was fresh and clean. The mussels were sweet and briny, unlike the usually tasteless kinds you get in Singapore. The fish was divine as well, sparking a chopstick war among the Neo family 😝

This place sounds really interesting. And it is close to my end of Singapore too! 😄 Dex Neo
Yea! It's just simple fresh seafood. Love the Chinese pickles that came with the fish too!
Veronica Phua