It tasted more like Mochi rather than tangyuan because it was way more firm and chewy than the traditional Chinese tangyuan. The 5 tiny tangyuan came with coconut cream. It was a yummy combination, just wish the tangyuan was a little bit bigger.

There were so many flavours to choose from, do let them know beforehand which 5 you’d like, if not they would just pick them for you. They initially didn’t ask us to pick flavours so there might be a default 5 that they usually serve. Pick from:
Red bean
Mung bean
Yam crunchy peanut
Strawberry chocolate
White chocolate

We got this with a Fave deal voucher that gave us 39% off, making it $2.98. It was takeaway only with this voucher, but it’s pretty alright a deal. Wouldn’t order this again but it was worth a try.