Ramen has won the hearts of many foodies worldwide! Usually you would find the ramen to be made with a creamy, thick and full of flavour consists of Pork bones including the pork slices which is truly rich yet heartwarming that just makes everyone satisfied especially during the winter months in Japan! But now slowly, the world are getting more health conscious and so they started introducing the option to chicken made ramen.. They have a few options from their original shio to a category called extreme which has a thicker and richer broth and it is their signature ramen broth!
Initially, we were hesitant as the heavy and rich texture of the soup would be hard to achieve with chicken but from this ramen shop, it was a well balanced soup with slight heavy texture on the mouthfeel.. I had the Toripaitan Shio Egg Chien (RM17.40) which has a rich broth and there were a few options but I opted for the one with half boiled egg! The noodle texture was on the soft kind and the broth was quite flavourful without the massive heavy texture.. You can opt for the spicy broth if you are into more spice in your ramen