Attended a Burpple Eatup at Artichoke recently; it’s definitely great to see Chef Bjorn Shen back in the kitchen, shaking things up with some new items on the menu here. We had a taste of a number of dishes from their updated dinner menu, all of which were simply big on flavours and absolutely delicious. Highlights include the Iraqi Spiced Mushroom dip (Fried Egg Purée, Parmesan) that goes superbly well with their chewy Turkish Bread that comes with a bite, the Hot Skillet Prawns (Green Harissa, Split Cream and Fried Onions) that had been a staple on the menu that is a hot favourite amongst patrons here, the Iberico Pork (Grilled Spanish Pork, Coca Cola and Shallots) that comes all chunky with a sticky, aptly sweet glazing and the BJ’s Favourite Steak; juicy and tender flank steak served with savoury Za’tar Butter and Garlic. The Lamb Adana is also truly amazing — chunky lamb sausage that is juicy and tender; not too gamey especially with the pistachio yogurt beneath that helps cut through the flavours. Ended the meal with three pretty stellar desserts; their rendition of the Choco Pie (yes, it may be gone from the big M but you can always get your cravings fixed here) with Sea Salt Burnt Honey Soft Serve , the Baklava Croissant that is aptly sweet, nutty and flaky and the Date Pudding (Date Cake, Dulce de Luche Custard, Espresso Agar, Cashew Brittle); a brilliant play of textures and subtly sweet flavours with quite a bit of contrast that goes well with one another. Paired everything up with the Kopi B from the Sunday Punch category of the beverages menu — bottled cocktails that literally gives a punch; something that would appeal to those whom prefer strong drinks.

Totally enjoyed the Burpple Eatup at Artichoke; a delicious spread that is served up with good company — must say that we were really well-fed and stuffed! Thanks to Artichoke for hosting and all that food, and Burpple for the invite!