Ordered the hummus and used 1 for 1 on the chicken kofta and laham mashwi.

Hummus was dry, tasteless and extremely coarse. Pita was dry, doughy and tasted like cardboard. 0/10

The server told us the chicken was the lamb. Lamb only came 20 minutes after the chicken, which is when we realised his error. Caused major issues as one of us can't eat lamb.

Doesn't serve free water, coke was $4 (though at a tourist trap like Kampong Gelam, I guess that's par for the course.)

Service and ambience 0/10. Promised we could sit upstairs in air con and told us to walk into the restaurant and go up the stairs at the back. Went up the stairs only to find the door locked. Shouted at us to sit downstairs. Placed us in a closed off corridor at the back of the restaurant without any windows. People kept coming in to go to the toilet at the hostel next door.