Every visit to Hattendo should end with a tryout of Hattendo's signature cream buns! At $2.70++ per bun, these do not come cheap and for good reason! Each bun comes with a soft and fluffy exterior and is filled with matcha cream! The filling was relatively generous and served cold - this probably explains the price.

Nonetheless, we would like to highlight that the matcha taste is not very evident in the filling and we somewhat expected it to be more bitter. That being said, we are looking forward to try the other fillings one day (especially the custard filling 😁)!

Hattendo isn't very big, especially when compared to their previous outlet at Tanjong Pagar. Hence, if you are coming here in a big group, you can contact the cafe over WhatsApp and they are open to accepting reservations! Do note that the restaurant is only open until 6 p.m., so in general, it is more of a breakfast/lunch venue and you probably need to find somewhere else for dinner.