Burpple Beyond: Our Response to the Upcoming Dine-in Restrictions

Espresso cube took super long to melt and the chilled bottled milk didn’t help at all. This tasted more like a lightly coffee flavored milk drink
Poke Kueh Pie Tee ($13) was rather unique with avocado & salmon filling. Not bad for the taste but rather pricey for such small serving
Buffalo Wings ($11) was a total disappointment. What’s the sauce? Wings were dry & skinny. Sad.
Mac & Cheese ($7) was light on the cheese taste though it was creamy. Bacon brought another taste to this rather plain dish.
Gochujang Poke Bowl ($17) had a well balanced taste with salmon, lime, avocado, kale chips & tempura crisps. But where’s the spiciness from gochujang?
Overall, I was not impressed by the lunch menu. Maybe dinner options are better?