@therefinerysg changed my opinions on how cauliflowers can taste with the Frittos. It was so good! There isn’t the earthy/flowery taste that I normally associate with cauliflowers and despite being deep fried, wasn’t overwhelmingly oily but easy on the palates.

The nuggets were better than most that I have had but the curry mayo is the star of the show! Although it is said to be inspired by macca’s version, it has far surpassed it! And it packs a punch too on the heat scale!

The smoked duck rice bowl was very flavourful as well and the duck was cooked to perfection, imo.

Lastly, the cocktail. Although it cost as much as all the 3 dishes combined 😂 it was great! It didn’t really taste like an alcoholic beverage at all and had all the right zesty and floral notes of a lemon barley. Pretty sure the fiancée would love it too.

All in all, super impressed and would definitely be dining at @therefinerysg soon!