Everyday is a Taco Tuesday! Or that's what I'd like tk believe. Sadly the lack of Mexican food in Malaysia always leave me desperate enough to bring experiments to my kitchen in order to replicate that taste I came across oh so long ago. So if you know any Mexican food places. Hit me!

Thyme Out is a food truck. Hence the lack of geotags. Because you really won't know where they are. The only way to track their whereabouts is through instagram where they will post their venue and times they will be there.

Foods are a little bit on the pricey side such as this box of 2 chilli con carne beef tacos go for RM 9.00 and on days like this, I got cheese nachos at the side for an extra RM 2.00.

The chilli con carne is bursting with flavours of cumin and is a little spicy. Imagine bolongese sauce with a hit of cumin and a kick of chilli. The taco itself has toppings of lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, onions and best of all- pineapple. The pineapple gives the taco's meat sauce a mild sweetness and the other veggies don't really stand out much.

The cheese sauce for the nachos are bland. It tastes only of cheese if you drown the nachos is cheese sauce and then, it's only slight. Very slight. Under normal circumstances it tastes like tasteless cream. And under non-normal circumstances.... it still tastes like tasless cream. I would recommend you to give this a pass. Or buy these nachos and go grab some KFC cheesy wedges and use their sauce.