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Y’know how cafes usually serve “chili crab pasta” as just pasta whipped up with a bit of chili? Well, you won’t get any of that substandard stuff here; their al dente noodles are bathed in an abundance of chili crab sauce that is loaded with shredded eggs and comprise a perfect balance of sweet and savory - an orthodox flavor that guarantees this dish’s status as a crowd pleaser. Contrary to its appearance, the soft shell crab - though browned more than usual - was actually just lightly battered, allowing the crab to steal the spotlight!

The Beef Suki Rice Bowl was what you’d expect - nicely seared beef slices at medium doneness coupled with a jiggly sous vide egg. Though carrying the right amount of char in its flavour, the beef did feel a little tough on the outside - possibly due to a flat iron steak being used. Their signature homemade sauce was delish though, and added some oomph to the bed of rice!!😋