First time having Russian food and didn’t expect it to be in Singapore! Apparently it’s the only authentic Russian food place here! Prices were rather affordable for an exotic experience:

- Combo platter $12 (Dumpling 12pcs)
- Salmon Cheese Crepes ($12.90)
- Ukrainian Borscht Soup ($9.50)
- Kefir ($4.90)
- Russian Flag Shooter ($12)

Dumplings were unexpectedly filling especially with the sour cream condiment! Particularly liked the Salmon Cheese Crepes and Borscht Soup as it left me feeling hearty and warm.

Our drinks were a little adventure for the taste buds and were rather interesting to taste! The Kefir is a cultured and fermented milk drink (not for the light hearted/lactose intolerant) and the Russia flag shooter is a pretty drink in the colors of the flag containing vodka that can really do you some damage without precaution!

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