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Beef bone ramen, a rare dish in the world of ramen, is finally here in Singapore! Muslim friends will also be glad to know that they are currently in the process of obtaining its Halal certification; a first in Ramen Champion’s chain of restaurants.
The broth here is made with beef bone and oxtail over a period of two days, resulting in a fully emulsified broth boasting a clear consistency and piquant flavour of beef fat.

The broth is accompanied with springy thin noodles custom-made from a local Japanese noodle making specialist and you can choose if you prefer soft or firm noodles! We also love the thick but tender, well-marbled ribeye beef cubes that came along with the noodles.

Some of the dishes we sampled includes:
Gyukotsu Shio/Shoyu ($12.80)
Spicy Shio/Shoyu ($14.80)
Gyukotsu Coriander ($14.80)
Special Gyukotsu Shio/Shoyu ($17.80)