The highlight is definitely the pizza which comes in a pan crust and is topped with mala marinated chicken, mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes and a good drizzle of the in-house mala sauce. Pictured is the level 4 Extra Spicy 特辣 level and I dare say that the spiciness will burn while still having the aroma of the mala spices. The fries are tossed in a mala seasoning and the wings are coated with a spicy numbing sauce.

Available for delivery and takeaways via the Pizza Hut’s website or mobile application, the Chinese New Year specials can be ordered ala carte or in meal sets. There are other irresistible deals such as 50%OFF pizza to check out.

To toast to an auspicious Lunar New Year, Pizza Hut will also be giving out a BIG Angbao $888 to a lucky winner each week for 3 weeks. Look out for HUAT opportunities on Pizza Hut's social media channels and you might just be one of the three lucky winners to win $888!
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