Not only pao fan being one of the hottest culinary trends these days, ex-hotel chefs turn hawkers seems like a rising trend too! Helmed by ex-Wah Lok’s Chef Mun, Mun’s seafood pao fan serves one of the pao fans with lighter taste around. Not that it’s bland, but you wouldn’t find a pao fan rich in umami here either. And that’s because of the ingredients simmering in the soup broth; pork bones and carrots, homely yet excellent choice for the bright orange appearance.

At $7.50, you’d find lala, snakehead fish slices, 2 prawns and a half-shell scallop. Prawns were really succulent and the scallop was juicy, and a sprinkle of crispy rice pops that also contributed to a fragrant fried aroma. Gotta say this is one of those broths that I would keep craving for and wouldn’t leave me thirsty even after finishing every single drop.

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