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Appearing in farmer's markets over the last four years, this micro bakery has now settled in a small brick-and-mortar bakeshop in Serene Centre, much to the delight of Burpplers. Located next to Sugarhaus, this humble bakery cranks out whole loaves of sourdough, toasts, sandwiches and excellent coffee — perfect for slow mornings. From the toast menu, go for the Nut Butter, Honey and Sea Salt ($3.50) that the Burpple community really loves, as well as the Sage Cream Cheese and Berry Compote ($4). All toast toppings are made in house! From their selection of hot pressed sandwiches, try the comforting Kimchee + Cheddar ($7) for a warm, simple lunch. Wash it down with a Hand Brew ($5) or Cold Brew ($5.50). Before leaving, select a loaf of excellent sourdough to bring home! Note that favours differ daily (check their Facebook page). Pro tip: For better storage, they don't slice the loaf for you and recommend you to slice only as needed. No gluten-free options available.
Avg Price: $10 per person
Photo by Burppler Jonathan Wong