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The one thing constantly on our minds when it comes to Japanese comfort food is always that steaming, satisfying and warm bowl of Ramen! Usually we seek the porky version of ramen which is their highlight from every prefecture. But in the latest opening of Lot 10 comes a Japanese food court that specializes in things that are truly and uniquely Japanese. Enters the Kagura Ramen shop which serves Chicken ramen and the best part is that the broth are made daily and fresh with the help of a pressure cooker.. We couldn’t believe it with our eyes and ears that they could make a chicken ramen with a similar taste profile of a pork broth.. There are 2 types of ramen broth; the clear and the milky.. There are also slight price difference but we chose the milky one(Rm21.90) and you can opt for the set with sides depending on the price and drinks included.. The noodles are really thin yet delicate not overly springy and it complements the milky and rich chicken broth that has a depth of umami flavour and they also includes a thick piece of the chicken meat with a layer of skin that was really juicy.. It’s much healthier in this sense as it was really oily yet it was rich with an intense umami flavour.. So it’s serves as a healthier option for ramen if you want to take a break from the tonkatsu broth style

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