Glasshouse by DHM (Deliciae Hospitality Management) is a multi-concept two-storey terrace with four restaurants encompassing various cuisines and menus that customers can indulge in at the same time. Nestled comfortably in the side of Robinsons The Heeren, the mainly alfresco dining experience gives customers the option of ordering from the menus of four eponymous restaurants in DHM’s namesake grasp, from handcrafted juicy burgers hailing from &Made to communal tapas and Spanish classics delectably created by Sabio. A weekend lunch over a fortnight ago gave me the opportunity to try a single dish from one of their concepts, the L’Entrecôte Steak & Fries Bistro. Of course, eponymous to their restaurant and being in fact, the only main course served in their menu (the only other exception being a singular XXL upsized version of the same dish) is their Trimmed Entrecôte Steak ($34.90++). Served with their self-proclaimed legendary sauce, a generous portion of straight cut fries and a green walnut salad, the experience was sadly rather lacklustre. Entrecôte (French for “between the ribs”) is essentially just a ribeye steak that is prepared and served off the bone, conclusively being a rather thin boneless ribeye steak. The entrecôte steak served at L’Entrecôte at the Glasshouse was rather tough for my liking, and chewing became a bore by the fourth inconclusive bite. The only redeeming factor of the dish was in fact, the delightful mustard-forward sauce that paired wonderfully with the crisp and simply seasoned straight-cut fries.