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This is from Piao Xiang Mala at Ion Food Opera (ION Orchard) / Food Republic ([email protected]). They are one of the pioneers in making Mala Xiang Guo popular as they started way in 2009. There are people who loves the numbing effect, there are those who likes the spicy bonkers. I prefer spicy more than numbing. What about you? Glad to be able to know more about this stall from the @foodrepublicsg folks. This stall has their own formula of Mala which includes 30 over spices and it is prepared over 5 hours. The Mala recipe by 发哥 (Fa Ge) has evolved to be less salty and oily compared to most versions out there. For some Mala eaters, they like to have it without rice and their version here is not so salty till you have to eat it with rice. You can see the ingredients they have in the video! Fa Ge has a soft spot for chicken feet, so they have chicken feet here too! 😍