The crisp fried dough biscuit known as Papri is made from flour and oil. The topping is a colourful combination of chick peas, potatoes, yogurt, mint & coriander chutney, cumin powder, tomato, tamarind dates chutney, red chilli powder and that's about all I jotted down as quickly as I could. The crunchy little bits of noodle like toppings are known as sev made from chickpea noodles.
I was told it will be an explosion of flavours in the mouth and it was truly so. Sweet, sour, tangy and spicy flavours all in a bite with different textures happening all together - creamy, crispy and crunchy.
My favourite from lunch today and I am convinced (finally!) that I do like Indian cuisine after all.
Gastronometer: 9/10