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Ang ku kueh [$0.80 each], literally translates as "red tortoise pastry". I'll first talk about ang ku kueh in general, then describe why I think Everton's has the most popular ang ku kueh in Singapore.
Ang ku kueh is a traditional Singaporean kueh, used to celebrate baby's first month or an elderly's birthday. Traditional ang ku kueh comes only in red (which to the Chinese is auspicious), printed with a tortoise on top, symbolizing longevity. The skin is made from glutinous rice flour that's soft and sticky, and filled with mung bean or ground peanuts with sugar. So you get it - soft, chewy, sticky and a little sweet, so it's teeth-friendly for the children and the elderly.
To me, the magic of Everton's ang ku kueh is really in its skin - really soft and thin skin which is handmade daily. It comes in colours other than red, because they also have flavours such as salted bean, corn, coconut, yam and durian. I wanted a tasting of all their flavours hence I bought every colour on display, but the next time I would just get the ones with peanuts.
Ang ku kueh has since evolved that you needn't wait for celebrations to eat them, as they're available for sale whole year round. However, I also fear that they're in danger of being forgotten by younger generations. I can't even remember when was the last time I've eaten ang ku kueh?