We were at 320 Below's new branch at The Central, because someone in the group said that it's a must to end a hotpot dinner with ice cream. Well I don't know about that but there was certainly no objection from us six ladies heh. This waffle drew nods of approval right from when my friend started cutting it up into cubes, and we heard the audible crisps. Fans of light waffles will enjoy the airy dough that's well-matched with the textured ice cream - you can chew on the bits from the fruit flavoured ones!
The Belgian chocolate and salted caramel scoops here were creamy but quite average... Luckily we also had the avocado gula melaka (not shown in pic). It tasted more like coconut to me at first, but the avocado profile became prominent after more bites, and I was hooked. #Burpple