So say hello and grab a cup‼️👋🏻☺️

1️⃣ Signature drink -
Chewy Oats Yogurt: SGD4.30 💜💙

As a health-consious person, this one here certainly suits me. And, I was completely hooked & sold! Although the sweetness level cannot be adjusted, boy was i a little skeptical about the taste because i would prefer my drink to be 0% sugar intake however i was glad that the drink is not sweet, and with the generous amount of chewy oats adds on so much more dimension to it. This can be actually quite filling, so it could also be a choice of a meal replacement too! ☺️

I’m delighted that they’re opened few streets away from my office tower 😉 I forsee myself coming here whenever i need or (a meal replacement perhaps?) Hehehehe☺️