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Popped by on a hot but quiet afternoon, and ordered a cappuccino ($5) and a slice of pumpkin & orange chiffon cake ($2.50).

Coffee was decent; actually I wouldn't really know because usually I'd take my coffee black, so I don't know if the milk has made it nicer. But the chiffon cake was pretty amazing. It does leave a sweet aftertaste for me as how all chiffon cakes do, but this was so moist and soft, when you put your fork into it, the moist sound of the fork cutting through the cake can really be heard! I guess it's baked in house? There was another flavour, something with avocado, so if they still have that the next time maybe I'd give it a try.

Oh and everything else in the display cases, from their famed tarts, to the tea cakes, buns and whatever else, just look so tempting....