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I’m struggling with this cause with the Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 deal this seafood roll’s definitely among the cheapest around; yet I can’t say it’s the most satisfying, or that I’d ever be willing to pay the full non-discounted price. Starting on a positive note, their Boston rolls are pretty fluffy and well-toasted so that’s a big hurrah, however I have to say they aren’t buttered well enough. If they look fabulously golden here...I’m sorry it’s just my photo edits. The rolls were also exceedingly thick, which means I’m really getting more bread than seafood in each bite — not the most ideal, but acceptable for its price point. As for the seafood: I’m glad there were actually discernible lobster claws in there, albeit small ones and pretty fresh as well, though the mushy shredded crab left much to be desired. What was most disappointing was the sauce. I picked the Maine sauce for this, which should remind you of the fresh tasting citrusy, mayo-y, light kinda dressing that really highlights the produce. Idk if they wrote “sauté” on the menu as a mistake, but it did seem that they cooked the seafood with the sauce, which resulted in a really heavy tasting filling and tough lobster meat. At $23 ie $11.50 with the 1-for-1 it was ok, cheap and yes fresh; but I’d never pay the full price for it.