Being a spot that we head to usually for our weekday lunches at work, I was quite saddened by the closure of Jin Jin Hot & Cold Dessert’s outlet at Tekka Centre after the Circuit Breaker — and there comes Lim Chendol which had taken over the former premises of Jin Jin pretty recently.

Unlike Jin Jin which serves a wider variety of desserts, Lim Chendol carries a much more limited menu in comparison. That being said, the Penang Chendol is pretty enjoyable — this is one of the Chendol which I find to be a balance of creaminess and sweetness from both the Coconut Milk and Gula Melaka, considering how most Chendol specialty stores seem to carry an emphasis on either one of the two. The Pandan Jelly exudes a hint of fragrance that is light yet alluring, though the bowl is somewhat marred by the bits of ice which I find a little too coarse for my liking. The kidney beans do add a hint of earthy sweetness and provides for a soft bite which was pretty decent.

In a time where most places are serving up artisanal versions of Chendol, their rendition of the Chendol is one that is undoubtedly old-school and fuss-free — one that is well-balanced and a good after-meal treat.