First introduced to natural/ organic wines at a friends place over Chinese New Year; it sparked my interest when it claimed to not give you a dire hangover. The fun of drinking without a fuzzy head I sometimes get for too much drinks? Sign me up. So I read and learnt the difference between natural vs organic wines, but to prevent boredom my repeated encounters with natural wines, including the pinnacle experience at RVLT have been good but no it doesn’t prevent a fuzzy head if you have almost a whole bottle to yourself 🤪 they are definitely less saccharine and gives an amateur wine taster like me the perception that these are better cleaner tasting wines. Both the bottles we had- Libamo (an orange wine), de facto (a rose wine) were easy on the palate, delightfully refreshing yet deep.

As for the food at RVLT I’d also like to provide a balanced view. While I found it a slight rip off to pay $30 for pieces of nuggets cos MacDonald’s version satisfies my self proclaimed simple palate; the cure Spanish sardines with tangy salsa verde were so delightful to have.

Also the seaweed butter with faultless slices of house made sourdough was ingenious. An after thought was that the chef here clearly loves Mac Donald’s because I couldnt help but think of seaweed shaker; that said this starter was in a way better league of its own.

For the mains I preferred the spaghetti chitarra to the culurgiones, the latter’s thin pasta skin was commendable but the carb on carb of pasta and taro did not work for me. Instead the spaghetti chittara had a nice assortment of premium sea produce- caviar, hotaru-iku and monkfish liver.